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So why build another invoice building software application?

For years we have specialized in providing e-commerce sales and marketing solutions. Within this niche of sales, marketing and business development, we had developed and expertise in building pricing strategy and solutions that work. An art that sits somewhere between sales and marketing.

So when two leading accountancy practices approached us and asked us to provide them with a quotation solution we began researching existing solutions. You would think there must be hundreds or thousands of choices out there on the internet. So we thought. The requirements list also seemed to be quite short and simple. Put together a quotation for our accountancy services and create a send a nicely prepared quotation. Easy you would think. Here is the actual requirements list:

  1. be simple to use.
  2. be multi-currency to support their European and middle eastern customers.
  3. able to support multiple languages.
  4. calculate both a fixed setup amount and ongoing recurring amount.
  5. calculate prices based on distance between two customer selected places.
  6. provide the customer with a way to legally accept and place an order.
  7. provide a way to override the final price and apply a discount.
  8. design and send a high quality email with itemized list of items.
  9. generate a customised PDF version of the invoice.
  10. integrate directly with their MailChimp account.
  11. pay the invoice online.

We really struggled to find all these features in one single cost-effective and simple to use software application. So what were we thinking! We set about building an ultra-easy-to-use solution. The best part of a year later, after a successful ‘beta period’ and ‘user acceptance’, we are launched A simple and highly effective cloud solution to create and send a quotation for any product or service. Think of it as e-commerce for service based businesses.

If, like many of our client’s, you are spending a lot of time preparing and sending quotations, then you are going to thank us over and over. It is going to save you time, reduce the time to engaging customers and it will increase your sales closure rates.

It has been rewarding for us to meet our client’s core requirements, and then exceed their expectations by delivering a solution that is fully hosted, very simple to use and reduces the time taken to produce a proposal from over a day to just a few minutes.

Thank you so much for reading this far, and we look forward to be able to demonstrate how this simple app will increase your profits and help build your business.

Best Regards
From the everyone at