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Disruptive Pricing

There are so few opportunities these days to introduce something better or new. It seems, just about every idea, feature and design has been tried somewhere. Adaptive Customer Journey’s are not new, but because they are costly to develop, they are rarely seen on anything other than high value products and services. FAB Invoice can provide everyone with a disruptive way to sell their products and services.

So why disruptive? 

Any technology that shakes up the way we sell products and services and gives a competitive advantage can be considered to be disruptive. It can become a game changer for early adopters. Amazon, PayPal and Netflix are household names today due to disruptive technologies. Yet none of these were first to market. launched their online bookstore in 1994.

Adaptive Customer Journey’s are a disruptive way to sell products and services that require the customer to make a number of choices and decisions about their purchase. I think we all know and accept, building a price systematically is the right thing to do, but the cost and complexity of implementing this kind of feature on a website can be costly and is generally only seen on websites selling really high value products, such as cars, boats, aircraft etc. Now, with you can bring that kind of feature to your own website. If you are brave enough to embrace change and lead your market, you have an opportunity to steal a bigger market share. If you make it easier for your customers to buy from you, then they will buy and buy more. Customers can be a little fickle at times, so introducing a way that makes the customer experience easier can encourage your competitor’s customers to migrate to you quicker than you think. is such an easy and cost effective solution, it makes real sense to improve your customer experience and give it a try.